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A pioneering contract service organization specializing in sourcing and supporting decentralized test platforms for pharmaceutical clinical trials. Blinded Diagnostics has a successful track record of expertise in meeting large pharmaceutical company testing needs with thorough knowledge of the protocol design, Investigator training and firmware encryption. As an innovator with partners in point-of-care diagnostics, Blinded Diagnostics is at the forefront of a paradigm shift that brings flexibility and efficiency for trial sponsors.

June 26-30, 2016
February 23-25, 2016

We are an international sales and marketing company that plans and administers cost-effective decentralized diagnostic testing solutions, product training and logistical support programs as brokers, consultants and third-party administrators.

Our mission is to:
  • Provide superior, cost-effective decentralized test solutions that meet the ever- changing needs of our current and prospective pharmaceutical clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of those products and services.
  • Build and maintain long-lasting, consistent, honest and profitable relationships with our diagnostic manufacturing markets, which we recognize play a crucial role in meeting our clients' risk management needs.
  • Grow stakeholder value by increasing our client base and dedicating ourselves to increased productivity, profitability and professionalism, resulting in long-term growth.

We will accomplish our mission with the kind of reliability that will insure perpetuation of our corporate culture.