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Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the use of diagnostic tools at Investigator sites. Applications of hand held, portable and table top models have been published in the methods section of several large clinical trial reports. In some studies, encrypted versions of these diagnostic tools were employed to reduce bias. We have direct experience with the sourcing, development, training and application of these unique diagnostic tools.

Hybrid Laboratory Testing

Combining the technology available in a central lab with POCT devices offers to clinical trial sponsors the opportunity to have tests performed at the investigator site, a pharmacy, a remote clinic or at home. The test or battery of tests run on the POCT device using a whole blood sample that does not need to be centrifuged or shipped offers not only cost savings but also enhanced trial data integrity, since approximately 2-3% of samples are lost in transit to the central lab and any number of samples may be compromised due to extremes in temperature or pressure encountered in transit.

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