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Blinded Diagnostics is a privately held business providing sourcing, training, developing and consulting services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The management team specializes in the application of point-of-care diagnostic platforms for testing patients enrolled in clinical trials. The company provides unique solutions designed to optimize results and efficiencies for both our pharmaceutical clients as well as our point of care diagnostic partners.
Letter from the CEO:

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

As we enter our sixth year serving the pharmaceutical industry, we continue to focus on delivering the best point of care diagnostic solutions for use in clinical trials.

These are the milestones Blinded Diagnostics
achieved in 2015:

  • Completed 30 months of the largest global CKD trial to date and reduced screen failures. Project expanded by 200 additional POC devices.
  • Increased CRO agreements by adding one new master service agreement and one new project.
  • New project involving an encrypted point of care device
    for lipid testing. Enrollment is expected to be complete in Q1, 2016.
  • Additional distribution partners: BDx now has two unique distribution partners for logistics and rental options.

  • Additional POC Partners: Quidel, Medtest, Response and Jant Pharmacal products.
  • Developed a point of care mobile app for transmitting test results.
  • Added business development resources in California and Europe.
  • Completed 9 months of a new infectious disease drug trial. This project is expected to continue into the next phase in late 2016.
  • Achieved our business revenue goal for the year, again.

    Blinded Diagnostics sustains success because of strength in three major areas of our business:

    1. Breath of Clinical Trial Experience: We have two dozen global trials conducted on our watch involving point of care diagnostic
        devices. Leveraging that experience for our clients is our primary focus.

    2. Quality of POC Solutions Partners: Our partners are companies you know. They have devices that are cleared for use and approved
        globally. We only recommend the POC solution that is a best fit because we are independently owned and operated. Our advice is
        our reputation.

    3. World Class Service: When investigator sites call us, they get a qualified person that knows the details of the trial. Our goal is to
        have 100% satisfaction on every call. The only way to do that is with personal attention and fast resolution.

    This year, we look forward to serving our clients with expanded services on a global basis. Improving what we do every day is not a goal, it’s our philosophy here at Blinded Diagnostics.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Karuppan
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder